Dharma : Doo is a Community platform based in Germany. We deal with Fairness and compassion. It’s an open minded and vegan Marketplace for a step by step awakening!


We love working together!

We are sustainable!

We think it’s all about FAIRNESS!

We don‘t talk the talk – we walk the walk by helping each other!

We bring Artisans, vegan businesses, and non-profit organizations from around the world together and grow within our community by sharing the same values, inspiration and visions of a better world.

Every product on Dharma:Doo has a story. We introduce the movers and shakers to our community people and inform everybody about the motivation and every necessary useful features.

We believe that we often speak about that we are connected with each other, but it is time for us to realize that we have a responsibility. To know where this responsibility starts is very useful to create good karma.

Transparent information helps us to know where our products are coming from, and to understand the positive or negative impact they are having on people, the animals and our environment Business is not just about money anymore, business can help people, animals and helps us to create a useful opportunity, it helps us to create the change we wish!

Let’s prove that, we would like to invite you to accompany us on a journey. The journey to awakening. When we are more open minded we’re all more aware of that our planet’s future is in our own hands and actually, we don’t mind that the way that we shop and how we spend our money could be helpful not only for us but also refers to all living beings

Yes, we think big and our vision is grand! Together we create opportunities for ourselves and others, we are joining together with people who speak for the voiceless and create a beautiful world with courage and optimism.

We are creating our everyday life with our thoughts, speech and actions. Please develop with us and create with us something better, a better version of yourself, a better world by shopping good karma products, sharing your knowledge, participating in our support projects and connecting with our community and more.

Not to create harm, and to stay true to our deepest truths and aspirations, this is a choice we can make every day. This is why our content redaction is searching for people and companies to show the difference.

Dharma:Doo Team


Paul Harazim
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